2018 is off and running

2018 off and running: the Andrews Labor Government, we’re all about getting it done.  My commitment and that of the Premier is to deliver what we said we would for Melbourne’s outer north.  We promised better schools and hospitals, improved public transport, better roads and ensuring there’s more police on the beat. We are doing this across the Yan Yean electorate:

Whittlesea Traffic Lights to be installed this year.

After a strong campaign, supported by thousands of locals we secured funding in the last State Budget for lights at Laurel Street and Wallan and Plenty Roads, Whittlesea. VicRoads advise that installation will begin this year and are expected to be operational by September 2018.  This dangerous intersection has been a problem for years and it is great that by working together we are getting it fixed.

Community Safety

A big shout out to Whittlesea Neighbourhood Watch (NW) for now being the largest NW in Victoria. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page to stay in touch with their great work.

It’s the dogged work of VicPolice together; with support from the community and tougher bail laws that has seen a decrease in Victoria’s crime rate for the first time in 7 years. Under the previous Ballieu/Napthine Government crime increased every quarter in each year for the entire 4 years they were in office.

Turning crime around takes time and we are starting to see results across Victoria and Whittlesea – crime is down over the last 2 quarters (6 months).  In the 12 months to 30 September 2017, the Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) noted in the Whittlesea Police Service Area (PSA):

  • 6 per cent decrease in offences from the same period last year.
  • 3 per cent decrease in the offence rate per 100,000 population.

Victoria’s police academy is continuously full and we are recruiting more than 3000 extra police over 5 years.  The Whittlesea PSA has 45 more police and the Mernda Police Station has now been operational since November. Whittlesea township police have a hugely reduced workload, now only servicing a population of around 5000 down from 50,000 (in Mernda/Doreen).  Last month Police Minister, Lisa Neville officially opened the new 24 hour station at Mernda, in her speech it was encouraging to hear positive comments about the need to now upgrade the Whittlesea Police station. Watch this space.   

Ambulance Response Best in 7 years

Nobody needs reminding of how bad the ambulance crisis was just a few years ago.  Our dedicated paramedics were under attack and response times were blowing out.  That is no longer the case with the best ambulance response times in 7 years.  In Whittlesea, we have seen an incredible turn around.  Ambulance response within 15 minutes have massively improved from 69% a few years ago to 79% today.  As Health Minister, Daniel Andrews opened Whittlesea township’s 24 hour branch, along with neighbouring Kinglake. Wallan’s Branch is now operational and with the construction of a new branch at Mernda this year, response times can improve even further.

Infrastructure Updates

Across Melbourne’s north there is over $1 billion of Victorian Government investment on roads and public transport infrastructure.  I’ve already mentioned Whittlesea traffic lights, work on Plenty and Yan Yean Roads is now underway, Mernda rail is rapidly taking shape and will be accompanied by even further bus service improvements for Whittlesea and the broader Plenty Valley Network.

If you want all the details on all the projects happening please visit the site below: