Safer Communities

Mernda Police Station
As of the 19th of November, last year, the Andrews Labor Government opened the New 24 Police Station in Mernda Police Station. Funded in the 2015/2016 state budget, the station has been fully operational providing the community 24-hour counter service and round-the-clock patrols. 

Keeping Victoria Safe

As part of the Andrews governments commitment to making Victoria a safer place, the Whittlesea area received 45 new front-line police from the first 300 police allocated from the Andrews Government’s record investment of 3135 more police over 5 years

Action on Family Violence
The Andrews Government wants to fix our broken family violence system, protect vulnerable women and children and bring perpetrators to justice. $572 million investment for more housing, crisis refuges, counsellors and support for children.

More Paramedics
The Wallan Ambulance station is now fully operational, and stations have now been announced for Mernda and Diamond Creek. A $1.5 million Growth Area Infrastructure Grant has been announced to buy land for a new ambulance station in Mernda. The Andrews government has also invested $2.5 million into building a new 24-hour ambulance station in Diamond Creek to give paramedics the facilities they need to improve ambulance response times in the North-Eastern suburbs.


Whittlesea Police Station 

The Whittlesea Police Station will be closed?

No.  The Minister for Police and Victoria Police have made numerous public statements and said in Parliament in response to a constituency question from Danielle Green MP that the police station will remain open. (Whittlesea Leader September 7, 2017)

Staff from Whittlesea will be used to staff the new 24 hour Mernda Police Station?

No.  The Mernda Police Station has a separate staffing allocation from the 45 new police officers provided for the Whittlesea Police Area earlier this year.  (Whittlesea Leader September 7, 2017)

The Whittlesea Police Station needs to be upgraded or even be rebuilt?

Agree.  The Whittlesea Police Station is need of an upgrade or better still a rebuild.  Danielle Green MP has raised this issue with the Police Minister personally and is on record for the need for station improvements in the Whittlesea.  (Constituency Question Parliament House, Hansard 19/10/17).

Only Labor has built new police stations in Melbourne’s North including:  Diamond Creek, Kinglake, Epping, Craigieburn and Mernda

The Liberals will improve staffing levels at Whittlesea Station and rebuild the station!

No they wont.  The Liberals have never built a police station in Melbourne’s north and never will.  If they say they will direct police to Whittlesea station they are misleading you.  It is the Police Commissioner who determines allocation of staff not politicians.  Victoria Police have added 2 police officers to the Whittlesea station and are working with the Police Association to monitor staffing levels over the next 12 months.  (Star Weekly 18/09/17)

What is the Andrews Government doing to improve community safety?

The Community Safety Statement is the largest investment in additional police in Victoria’s history.  (Ron Iddles OAM Community Safety Trustee Report).  See report and Community Safety Statement.

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