Rate Relief for Whittlesea Residents

The Andrews Labor Government’s commitment to end uncontrolled council rate rises has been delivered, after the Victorian Parliament passed the Fair Go Rates system.

The Member for Yan Yean, Danielle Green, has welcomed the passing of amendments to the Local Government Act, which will stop councils raising their rates above a cap, based on the Melbourne Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Ms Green said the Fair Go Rates system would be in place for the 2016-17 financial year, fulfilling the Government’s election commitment to rein in council rate hikes.

The Bill also provides the Essential Services Commission (ESC) greater oversight of council spending, ensuring ongoing compliance and monitoring of overall outcomes for communities.

“The Fair Go Rates system reflects our Government’s agenda to reform the local government sector, including a review of the Local Government Act, an overhaul of council governance standards and an improved performance reporting framework,” Ms Green said.

“Our Government is delivering on its commitment to cap council rate rises and protect Victorian households from uncontrolled hikes,” she said.

Ms Green said there had been extensive consultation with councils and residents about the cap.

“Our Fair Go Rates cap is about enhancing local government accountability and transparency, and ensuring councils are listening to their communities,” she said.

“I’ve personally spoken with dozens and dozens of people across the Yan Yean electorates and I’m fully aware just how much of a difference our Fair Go Rates system will make,” Ms Green said.