Improved car parking is on its way for Hurstbridge passengers thanks to the Andrews Labor Government, with a tender now open to identify suitably qualified organisations to upgrade the station’s car park.

Car park spaces along Graysharps Road, to the west of Hurstbridge Station, will be upgraded, making it easier and safer for people to park their car and catch the train.

The tender for upgrading the car park will investigate additional lighting and CCTV, new bicycle storage facilities to enable more people to cycle to the station, and four new accessible parking spaces at the station entrance.

Contractors wishing to apply to construct the Hurstbridge car park should visit victrack.com.au.

The upgrade will make it easier and safer for people to park at the station during inclement weather.

The Hurstbridge Station car park improvements are part of the Labor Government’s works to improve access to public transport by increasing car parking at stations.

Over the past four years, the Labor Government has built almost 10,000 parking spaces at metropolitan and regional stations across the state, with thousands of more spaces still to come.

The Andrews Labor Government will also deliver 50 additional car parks at Wattle Glen station as part of the Car Parks for Commuters fund.

Other Hurstbridge line improvements will deliver twenty-minute service frequency for Hurstbridge, Wattle Glenn and Diamond Creek and ten-minute service for Eltham and Montmorency.

These improvements include a new station at Greensborough, as well as duplicating 3 kilometres of track between Greensborough and Eltham and 1.5 kilometres between Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen.

Stage one of the Hurstbridge Line Upgrade was completed last year, which involved duplicating 1.2 kilometres of track between Heidelberg and Rosanna, removing two level crossings, and constructing a new station at Rosanna.

Quotes attributable to Member for Yan Yean Danielle Green  

“The Hurstbridge Station car park upgrade will deliver much needed improved parking for our growing community, making it safer and easier to catch the train.”

“This upgrade is another way we are improving station car parking and making it easier for people to access train services.”

“This is the latest improvement we are making to the Hurstbridge line to improve the overall travel experience for people catching public transport.”

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