I am Chaitanya Sharma. I’m currently in year 10, as a second work experience I worked at Dannielle Green’s office.

I have had the delightful time of undertaking a work experience placement at Danielle Green’s office over the last week. On the first day, I was taken on a tour of the office and provided orientation for the systems and processes Danielle’s team used. I was allocated a workspace and my work officially started.

During my work experience week, I went through files and policies to broaden my understanding of the work done in an MP’s office. I did research and helped write content for Danielle’s Facebook page. Some examples of the posts that I worked on included early childhood traineeships, power-saving plans, free education sessions for drivers and flu vaccination schedule extension times; all different initiatives being implemented by the Andrews Labor Government.  I also wrote a media release about Wallen Primary School Sod Turn where they are modernising the learning spaces and gym. I learnt about the project and got to practice writing.

I was also working on projects for the Yan Yean Youth Council, for example sending out invitations to our next meetings. I also provided input from a senior school students perspective on the youth survey being developed by the Youth council.

I helped around the office with cleaning and sorting merchandise for distribution in the electorate. As Danielle has been in parliament for 20 years and is not recontesting, there are a lot of projects, documents and memorabilia that needs to be sorted and organised. It was interesting to see posters older than myself!

Another task I was able to work on was sorting, fixing, and categorising information/media releases and letters that Danielle received via email. Danielle gets numerous emails from constituents who need support and her whole team works to answer these questions and solve their problems. Sometimes talking with ministerial offices to provide answers to these questions.

The entire week was a blast and I loved working with everyone in the office. All the staff were so nice and supportive. They provided me with valuable insights into the political world and opened my mind to a very different career pathway. I would love to do this work placement again.