Diamond Valley sporting clubs

I rise to congratulate all the sporting clubs and recreation groups across the Diamond Valley who have worked so hard to attract funding from the latest Growing Suburbs Fund round. The Diamond Creek Force Netball Association, the Diamond Valley Basketball Association, the Diamond Creek football and cricket clubs, the Diamond Creek Women’s Football Club and the Creek Trail Blazers, who are working towards getting the Diamond Creek-to-Hurstbridge trail built, put in a great effort. The member for Eltham and I could not have achieved this result without them. They assisted us in collecting signatures for petitions and getting the word out in the community, and they also visited the Parliament to meet the Minister for Local Government firsthand. They pushed their causes through traditional and social media. They did a lot of work.

I am proud of my communities in Yan Yean and particularly my sporting and recreation clubs and organisations. They truly are the lifeblood of our community. Diamond Valley has one of the highest rates of sports participation in Victoria and is home to many sporting stars past, present and future, none less than Kate Moloney, our own Diamond Creek Australian Diamond.

Mr Eren interjected.

Ms Green — And I know the Minister for Sport just loves her. She was there on Saturday to celebrate. However, more important is the fact that local sporting clubs keep residents active and healthy and provide a community spirit that I do not believe is matched anywhere else in Victoria. Special thanks and shout-outs to Mark Goldspink, Helen Legg, Steve McCabe and all their amazing teams on a great win for Diamond Valley.