Health and Child Wellbeing Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

Quelle surprise! The National Party want to adjourn an important health bill. So they would because we saw what they did in government. They could not have cared less about health, particularly regional health. For the member for Lowan, who has come out of the health sector and is on the front bench in relation to mental health and other matters like that, to be speaking in support of her leader’s desire to adjourn this important bill, which goes to ensuring that we have herd immunity for human beings — I would have thought that that is something the National Party might actually know a bit about or be a bit concerned about —

Ms Kealy — On a point of order, Acting Speaker, I think the accusation that in any way, shape or form I do not care for my fellow human beings is deeply offensive. I certainly have deep care for many people, and I think I show that on many occasions through the contributions I make in this place. I think what the member for Yan Yean said is deeply offensive, and I ask her to withdraw those comments.

Ms Green — I withdraw. I think that no-one should be surprised that those opposite would seek to shift conversation from an important bill around public wellbeing to move back onto a bill that has had lots of ventilation over a very long period of time and will get, I am sure, very detailed scrutiny with the relevant minister in the other place. Why wouldn’t we be surprised that the National Party would want to adjourn a public health and wellbeing bill and complain about consideration in detail of another bill? We should not be surprised that there is a lack of interest in health.

I draw to the attention of those that have been tut-tutting on the other side who have just come into the Parliament during this term — the member for Lowan and the member for Ripon — that I cannot even count on one hand the number of times we went into consideration in detail on a bill between 2010 and 2014. The manager of government business indicated on Tuesday that we would go into consideration in detail on this bill if we had time, but we do not have time because there are a number of people, me included, who have not yet gotten to speak on the Health and Child Wellbeing Legislation Amendment Bill 2017. I desire to speak on that bill, as I know a number of other people do.

Ms Kealy interjected.

Ms Green — I have not had the opportunity to speak. I really would not want to speak while the member for Lowan is interrupting, but I would actually like to be able to get up and speak on this bill, because herd immunity for our children is incredibly important. It is incredibly important to actually take it up to those anti-vaxxers, those kooks, and the Minister for Health has certainly done that. There are also other changes that are needed to ensure that further recommendations of the royal commission into the abuse of children are able to be implemented. We also need some changes to the food standards so that products can be removed in a speedy way and we deal with those who have transgressed in having products like that. We need to really ensure that that little boy, Ronak Warty, did not die in vain and that this bill is effectively debated.

The Leader of The Nationals knows full well that his colleagues in the upper house will get a very long period of time to consider this bill in detail. I oppose the adjournment of the Health and Child Wellbeing Legislation Amendment Bill 2017. It is an important bill before the house, I desire to speak on it and I am opposed to its adjournment to go into consideration in detail on another bill.