Marngrook Oval upgrade

Tonight I wish to raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Local Government, and I ask that she bring Christmas to Diamond Creek by approving funding for the Marngrook Oval pavilion development and lighting project, which seeks to build a new multipurpose pavilion and upgrade the lighting there. Such an upgrade would extend the use of the ground for evening training, increase access for local schools, enhance local community events such as the Diamond Creek town fair and be beneficial to the broader Diamond Creek community.

I ask for this important consideration despite the concerns I have about the quality of Nillumbik Shire Council’s written formal application to the Victorian government, including most recently its application to Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV), which was knocked back by SRV. The application was to the female change room program. The council had said that there were only six or seven female players that would use the pavilion, but they forgot to mention that one of the most successful women’s football clubs had had to move from the area. They would certainly have got the funding, I think, if they had included this fact.

Nillumbik council’s ability to apply for funding successfully has diminished of late. I believe it is because they have let a lot of staff go who had long-term memory and they have been using external consultants and moving in a hasty way. I think they focus too much on the tinsel and the tree and not enough on the gifts under the tree.

The Diamond Creek Football Club will celebrate its 130th anniversary next year. They made three grand finals in the Northern Football League this year for the first time in the seniors, the reserves and the under-19s. They did very well in the juniors, and at netball they won both the first and second divisions. They need new facilities, and I ask the minister to look very kindly at giving a gift to the Diamond Creek community by upgrading the Marngrook pavilion.