Regional and rural transport infrastructure

My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Public Transport, and the action I seek is that the minister advise my community and indeed all regional communities on the detail of what is required to operate a modern regional train network, not only the infrastructure needed but more broadly on how
this investment in infrastructure is supporting jobs
and industry.

On the Seymour line we have seen new stations at Donnybrook and Wallan, and very soon we are starting with a new bus network for Wallan which will serve new estates and meet each train. Two budgets ago we saw a study into how we might possibly connect the Seymour line to the Upfield line, which would give a much better path and quicker services in that growing area and also up throughout the north-east. Throughout all the Labor government budgets there has been a focus on ordering new regional train carriages with 87 new V/Locity carriages ordered so far. This was first set out in our 2015 Trams, Trains, Jobs strategy.

Those on the other side had their chance, and they completely failed to invest in our regional network for regional communities. They certainly did not think about the needs of those in the outer suburbs that would potentially swamp the regional commuters. They made no plans. They were not concerned about local jobs in the industry.