As the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, who was at the table, said, I think that this really is a ruse by the other side. They have missed their opportunity on at least four occasions to match the government speaker for speaker. This rewrite of the local government act has been developed over about three years in terms of the community consultation so it certainly has had a lot of review, a lot of input and a lot of people across the community have had their say.

There are many of us that want to get on and return to the Justice Legislation Amendment (Family Violence Protection and Other Matters) Bill 2018 and to speak on that, and I felt that the member for Box Hill really diminished those of us who want to speak on that bill. Given that we began this week with a very solemn condolence to acknowledge the dreadful passing of Eurydice Dixon, I think that we owe it to all women in Victoria who have died, whether on the street or in their home, to return to that bill.