Uplift Project

The Yan Yean electorate has some amazing traders and traders organisations. Diamond Creek is really fortunate to have a fabulous business called Fossick Clothing. It is run by the wonderful Simone and supported by team members Jodie and Bexie. I had a great time on Sunday. They had their first day of Sunday trading, and then they held an event at Piccolo Meccanico. It brought together women of the Diamond Valley in support of the Uplift Project. The Uplift Project provides bras to women in Third World countries and women in Arnhem Land. In the Third World in particular a bra can cost a couple of weeks wages, and women, as we know, will always put their children first. Fossick have got a hamper in the shop in Inglis Street until the end of November. I urge the women of the Diamond Valley to bring in your second-hand bras, or maybe you would like to buy some new ones and put them in there for the women of the Third World.

I want to read the beginning of a poem written by a Fossick customer, Kay Arthur.

I turn the corner,

A stream of colour beckons,

A soft breeze flutters,

Fabric soft to touch,

Smiles from the rack.

Inside, rows of clothes

Nuzzle together and wait,

My eyes dart, skim,

My arms reach, stretch,

My hands fondle

These soft treasures.

We laugh together,

You help me choose,

Yes, this one, vintage

That one a touch of retro …