Yan Yean electorate

My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and I ask: when is the relocation of the historic Plenty Methodist Church due to occur, from the corner of Yan Yean Road and River Avenue? I was pleased to join the minister for the sod turn of the Yan Yean Road duplication last Friday. The duplication requires that this historic church be moved. Unfortunately, though, there has not been agreement reached on where this should be. The Plenty Historical Society and the Plenty community hall committee are very willing and want to manage this beautiful old church on the site of the Plenty War Memorial Park. However, Vic-roads have advised that Nillumbik Shire Council is dragging its feet on this occurring. It would be a great risk to this church if it had to be relocated to a temporary site before its final site, so I hope the minister can resolve this.