Yan Yean electorate sporting clubs

I rise to commend the efforts of all local football clubs for another great season in the 2017 Northern Football Netball League and Riddell District Football League competitions. Melbourne’s north has some of the highest participation rates in football and other organised sports in Victoria. Well done to coaches, team managers, trainers, umpires and the hundreds of volunteers who make these great contests possible. All clubs and players no doubt drew inspiration from the first-ever AFL Women’s season with all clubs fielding more women’s teams than ever. I was delighted to see that Diamond Creek zone full forward Chloe Malloy has been the number one draft pick to Collingwood women’s football club. Diamond Creek is again disappointed at being runners-up to the DarebinĀ Falcons.

Small-town legends Whittlesea football club and Hurstbridge football club retained their well-earned positions in divisionĀ 1. Laurimar Football Club fielded both senior men’s and women’s side for the first time ever, which is great for a new suburb. Wallan Football Club made the finals in the Riddell league in both reserves and under-19s. Diamond Creek Football Club made the finals in the seniors, reserves and under-19s. It was a great effort from all clubs, and I thank them for the great work that they do. Diamond Creek’s Kate Maloney, a born-and-bred netballer from Diamond Creek, has played for the first time in the Aussie Diamonds, winning 4-0 against New Zealand recently. Well done. We have great sports in the Yan Yean electorate.