Yan Yean Road duplication

Tonight I wish to raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. The action I seek is that the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Faneco Road, Browns Lane and Yan Yean Road be explored within the scope of works of the current Yan Yean Road stage 1 upgrade project. Stages 1 and 2 have been funded at a cost of $227 million. The work is gathering pace, and in response to that significant change VicRoads has held community information sessions, and I have also been engaging directly with residents about their questions and concerns.

During the last sitting week I was pleased to table a petition of 167 signatures from the Plenty Community Action Group which, because of its concerns about safety, seeks these traffic lights. The wise elders of Plenty have encouraged me to seek this improvement to address the safety of residents and users of public buses and school buses along Yan Yean Road. The residents would like to see this intersection with traffic signals to allow right turns from and into the upgraded Yan Yean Road by local traffic and emergency vehicles and to ensure that there will not be rat-running through local streets. These people live in Plenty because they love this area. They do not oppose the realignment, but they want the best from this project and they want to maintain safety.

I was thrilled that in last year’s budget stage 2 of the Yan Yean Road duplication from Kurrak Road to Bridge Inn Road was funded, and planning and acquisition is underway. We have seen in today’s budget that Bridge Inn Road will be duplicated, which will be done in conjunction with the Yan Yean Road upgrade.

With the north-east link, the Yan Yean Road upgrade, Mernda rail, the duplication of the Hurstbridge line and now the duplication of Bridge Inn Road in addition to Plenty Road, only Labor is investing in the transport infrastructure and community needs of this area. If traffic lights could be installed at that intersection, offering great safety improvements, this would be a perfect outcome for the Plenty residents and it would make them feel better about the project.