Yan Yean Road duplication

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria:

The petition of residents of Plenty and surrounding localities draws the attention of the house to our concerns that the planned VicRoads upgrade of Yan Yean Road will be not be safe and accessible for the Plenty community, that it will not adequately reduce traffic congestion — and that it will cause unnecessary damage to our environment. We are concerned that:

The intersection of Yan Yean Road with Browns Lane and Faneco Road should be signalised, to allow right turns from and into the upgraded road by local traffic and emergency vehicles — and to provide an alternative to unsafe and disruptive rat-running through minor back streets.

The planned upgrade at the intersection with Diamond Creek Road will not sufficiently improve traffic flow at this vital bottleneck — aggravating rat-running problems as drivers continue to seek alternative routes through minor residential streets to avoid congestion in Yan Yean Road.

The planned upgraded road will have long distances of median strips without breaks — 1150 metres between River Avenue and the Nillumbik council depot, for example. Provisions for U-turns and emergency vehicle movements should be made where safe and appropriate.

All bus stops should be indented to improve safety; and should be close to places where pedestrians can cross the road safely. The 3860 metres of upgraded road should provide more than seven places at which pedestrians can cross without having to climb over the crash barriers in the median strip.

The destruction of 3054 trees is excessive; many could be saved by using retaining walls and other measures. The planting of trees to offset losses should be done in Plenty rather than in other parts of our shire. Adequate provision should be made for the survival of fauna adversely affected by removal of vegetation and the seven planned detention basins should not be built until their environmental impacts have been properly considered.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria urges the Minister for Roads and Road Safety to properly investigate our concerns and act to ensure that the upgrade of Yan Yean Road does sufficiently alleviate traffic congestion — and that it does not unnecessarily damage our environment or increase dangers and inconvenience to our community.