Work Experience – Aden Davison

For the last week, while I’ve been working around Yan Yean and representing the electorate in parliament, I was fortunate enough to give a work experience student a glimpse into how politics works in the state. So while he was working in my office, I thought I’d give him a chance to show off all his hard work, and put a post-up on my blog:

I am Aden Davison and I am a year 10 who recently has done work experience with Danielle Green the MP for my local area, and I have had lots of fun during this past week working in her office.

On the 5th of March I was warmly greeted into the office by her staff where they allocated me a desk and showed me around the office. I was able to spend a lot of time scrolling through their websites so I could look at the rules, their time table, and look at legislation. I was then taken outside where I was able to practice how to use the camera as I was about to go out and take photos for,  Danielle Green and a representative she was taking around. First we stopped at the Panorama Coaches in Diamond Creek were I heard about her objectives for the buses going to schools in the area using a proper route then we went outside where I took photos for Danielle. After that we went too Ferguson Reserve where we took more photos of Danielle and Sally standing in front of the reserve with signs. Then we drove to Nature’s Harvest Shop in Hurstbridge where we had a chat with the owners. Then we went to Kangaroo Ground primary school where Danielle was invited to hand out pins to the new junior school leaders.

For my second day of work experience it was pretty quiet compared previous day. I started it by looking up The Age and Herald Sun and looked through the local Victorian news, after this I was visited by one of my teachers where she checked up on me and was seeing how I was going, once she left I started to watch the Legislative Assembly online for the rest of the day while also typing out the start of my blog.

On the third day I was sent to parliament, it was an extremely entertaining day. I started it by watching robots do the Macarena in front of parliament then I was able to watch the Question Time in person. The main difference was that politicians are much louder in person compared to the online version I watched the previous day. I was also able to see a meeting Danielle was having with a member of the opposite party, it was good to see that parties is not everything to politicians. I also met many important figures in parliament this includes the Premier Daniel Andrews many of the staff in parliament who keep the place running, the local Members across Victoria and Journalists there to write pieces on the sitting. Also on this day they were signing a treaty with the Aboriginals, it was good to see how events such as this one are conducted in parliament also the treaty itself seemed pretty important as many members showed up to spectate it, there were also these little kids doing dances at the start of the presentation.

On my fourth day on work experience I spent my second day at parliament, it started with helping out in the office with Pam, one of Danielle’s staff, we were replying to invitations Danielle had received but could not attend due to over booking. I then was taken to the Legislative Council to see how their question time is compared to the Legislative Assembly. After the sitting I and Pam finished off replying to those invitations. Then I helped Danielle take a green possum box up to Daniel Andrews that he ordered, unfortunately he had to reschedule as they were planning to take photos with it. But after that it was the end of the day so I caught the train home again.

On the fifth and final day of work experience I was back at the electoral office. I spent the day putting in data from previous events onto their website, it gave me a good insight into the type of events ran by the electoral and also the kind of people who attend these events. I also learnt more about how the electoral role works.

I very much enjoyed my time doing work experience at the electoral office and parliament. At the electoral office everyone was extremely friendly and really let me experience what behind the scenes was like. While at parliament I got to see how proceedings occurred and all the office work is needed for politics, and everyone there was very nice anyone who Danielle introduced me too on the first day remembered me on the second and took the time to give me a wave and say hello. I would recommend many other kids to look at politics for work experience as I enjoyed my time thoroughly.